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Break The Silence: Unmasking the Hidden Despair of Suicide

More often than not, we are shocked by the suicide of a person we knew well. How can someone, whose life appears so "normal", or even "perfect" from the outside, take such an extreme step - a step that depicts the rock-bottom of despair? Some people are quick to judge, "suicide is cowardice" or "suicide is a sin", failing to understand completely the state of mind of a person who is about to defy all the primal urges of self-survival to take the step of complete self-destruction, to a point where they can no longer feel the pain that they are unable to bear anymore.

Within the seemingly normal life, there may be trapped immense silent suffering, and like all kinds of sufferers, every person who attempts or commits suicide deserves our compassion, understanding and help. If you are a person who has survived suicide, I hope you have the opportunity to open up about it and process it. I hope that you have loved ones who offer you the support you so much deserve.

If you feel negative towards people who attempt suicide, I urge you to explore articles and videos that will make you more aware about the mental conditions that lead to this devastating outcome. Survivors or suicide need more resources to deal with their original suffering, the trauma of the attempt, and the challenging task of restarting their lives.

Here is a talk by JD Schramm, famous communicator and entrepreneur, lecturer at Stanford, that aims to spread awareness about this issue and asks us to break the silence surrounding suicide and suicide attempts.


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