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Personal Therapy for Individuals

​If you are struggling with any kind of mental or emotional issues that you would like to address through private therapy, book an assessment session to know more about how expressive arts therapy can help you. At present counseling is provided via Zoom video conferencing platform. I use approaches combining Expressive Arts & Movements Therapy, Somatic Experiencing, Meditations, Somatic Therapy (Breathwork, Movement, Mindfulness, etc.) and EMDR to help people overcome the mind-body consequences of  trauma and other psychological issues. Specific issues that can benefit from these approaches include trauma, PTSD, depression, poor self-esteem, abuse, grief, bereavement, narcissistic abuse, anxiety, panic attacks, body image issues, attachment issues, insomnia, substance abuse, etc. 

Couples Sessions

​If you wish to take movements, breathwork and expressive arts therapy sessions with your partner, you can opt for Couples Sessions. The explorative journey together can often lead to better understanding, resolution of deeper unvoiced issues and establishment of authentic connection. At present sessions are provided via Zoom video conferencing platform.

Trauma Therapy

Trauma comes in many forms.


If you have unresolved trauma from an overwhelming life event or any dysfunctional aspects of your childhood, relationships or marriage, it can affect your health in both physical and mental dimensions without you realizing the source of your distress. This can range from childhood abuse (sexual, verbal, physical, etc.), domestic violence, involvement in violent or frightening situations, death of loved ones, serious illness or injury, narcissistic parent or spouse, school bullying, societal humiliation, etc. 


Expressive arts therapy encompasses a number of tools and approaches that can help you to recognize the hidden sources of your emotional pain or anxiety, and understand and overcome the fears and traumas that prevent you from achieving peace, happiness or success. If you are struggling with a difficult life situation like the death of a loved one, divorce, or any stressful event, expressive arts therapy can help you to gather the strength to deal with the situation.

reclaimind expressive arts therapy

What will happen in Expressive Arts Therapy?

1. Assessment Session
I will first take a session with you to make an overall assessment and give you some relevant information. The assessment will determine the approaches we will begin with.


2. Client Oriented Sessions
The goals of therapy will be determined by you. You will also choose which issues hold the highest priority for you.


3. We work together

You don't need to have any artistic ability or training to benefit from Expressive Arts Therapy.  I work with you, guiding you towards your goals. A tailor made therapeutic plan incorporating movement, holistic healing techniques and expressive arts to support your therapy goals and processes, aligned to your interests and comfort levels, will be used.


4. Who can benefit?

You may be seeking help for issues like parental abuse, childhood issues, distress from divorce or separation, traumatic life events, trauma from abusive spouse, poor self-esteem, any other form of abuse, grief, bereavement, narcissistic abuse, anxiety, panic attacks, body image issues, attachment issues, insomnia, and other such problems that are causing you psychological distress.

5. What is the duration of each session?

Depending on the approaches being used, a session can last from 90 minutes to 2 hours. Sessions are usually scheduled once a week. Both the duration and frequency may vary for clients with specific requirements. 


6. Approaches

The Expressive Arts Therapy approaches include writing, drama, dance, movement, painting, and/or music to explore your feelings, thoughts, responses and insights. I integrate Breathwork, Mindfulness, Meditative Practices, EFT/TFT Tapping, and Somatic Experiencing Therapy into my sessions to help you connect your mind and body to bring about holistic healing.

*Please read more about the mind-body connection here and understand why holistic approaches are more beneficial than single pharmacotherapy or talk therapy approaches. Please watch the linked videos and if you wish to dig further, scroll down read the linked literature. For further deeper reading, professionals can see the literature mentioned here and here. *


In each session, I will guide you to explore a range of mind management techniques, helping you to overcome the challenges and establish daily routines of breathing exercises and healthy expressions of emotions. As a facilitator, I will guide you using these methods to empower you with the healing tools that your body already has.

7. Follow Up

Although the sessions may be held once or twice a week, I will be checking in with you after a session to make sure you are able to follow the course of action. You may be required to do some activities on a regular basis, like follow the practices of movement, or breathwork, or meditation, or visualization, etc., apart from the session days. I will provide you resources like audios, video links, printable worksheets, etc. for the same. If you have any urgent concerns, a session can be taken earlier than scheduled.

8. Confidentiality

All communications in all forms from clients are confidential. Your confidentiality and privacy will always be maintained according to the rules.

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