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Why it has been so hard for you to reach here...

I commend you on reaching this page—it's a significant step towards your emotional well-being. 

It took courage on your part in seeking information and help. I understand the internal conflicts and hesitations you feel in seeking support, but trust me, this is the first brave stride towards healing. 

The decision to book an appointment is daunting, perhaps filled with uncertainty, embarrassment, or fear. It takes strength to consider taking this step, and I want to assure you that you're not alone. Many individuals hesitate, and some even leave without booking an appointment.


It is easier to book an appointment with a physician than it is to see someone for our emotions and feelings, isn't it?  Please feel free to explore the possibilities of your healing journey here. Together, we can create a space that feels secure and comfortable for your emotional well-being.

I invite you to read this post before you take a decision to make an appointment for your healing journey:


Begin your journey with a Free Assessment Session

If you are willing to take this one small step towards your well-being, I welcome you to explore a path to healing and empowerment through Expressive Arts Therapy. My online sessions, presently conducted via Zoom, provide a safe space where you can open up about your challenges, background, and aspirations. Based on your inputs and requirements, together we will develop a unique therapy approach, just for you. Your privacy is my utmost priority, and I assure you that all discussions during the session will be held in strict confidence.

If you want to read more about the private sessions, click below. 

Book Your Free Assessment Session

No payment is required for this step. Once you submit this form, you take a step towards your healing journey. I appreciate your trust and will get in touch with you shortly.

Which service are you interested in

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