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The Uncrash Course

Mental Health Workshop For Students

Learn Anxiety Management & Stress Resilience Skills
(Based on Mindfulness, CBT, Breathwork and Qi-Gong Techniques)

"Stress Management is a Life Skill"

Stress affects the performance of students


Every student deals with stress. While an attached & loving family, peaceful home and society, good friends, engaged teachers, all have a role to play in a healthy and balanced childhood, what is lacking in the school curriculum is mental well-being skills. 

Mental Health + Physical Health = Holistic health


Make sure your child learns mind-body self-care apart from their school subjects. Give your child the tools they need for making themselves mentally stronger. Simple anxiety management techniques and resilience building habits are life skills that will help your child not only deal with the pressures of school years, but also the challenges life will throw at them in future.

Stress = Low Grades & Poor Health


School and teenage related stress, combined with examination stress greatly affect a child's health and learning. Sometimes examination stress causes fear and anxiety. Sometimes it causes headaches, repeated infections, poor sleep, loss of appetite or overeating, poor memory, and palpitations. In all forms, it affects the child's health and learning.

Expressive Arts Therapy | ReclaiMind | Bengaluru

Working with children and young adults is close to my heart. I hold this online session for students on the theme of stress management to promote mental health awareness. In this single-session workshop, a student will learn how to recognize stress and deal with it to improve their learning, memory and exam performance. Easy techniques that a child/person can do at home to improve mental strength and reduce anxiety.

The Uncrash Course is a one-time session of 90-100 minutes. Private, individual sessions are held through the week. For booking click here, or to know more, write a message here. To sign up for more than one session, please get in touch


Free Sessions are held with very small groups to ensure better learning experience. Slots allotted on a first-come, first-served basis. This is a part of the free sessions of Reclaimind Mental Well-Being Workshops.


Language: English
Duration: 1 Hr 30 min (approximately, includes Q&A session)

Saturdays/Sundays at 11 am
Age: 16 to 22 years

Sign up to reserve your spot in the next available group.

Feedback from The UNCRASH Course Students
(published with permission)


Thanks for the workshop Sudha mam. It was eye-opening for me. I especially liked the relaxation exercises. It felt so good after the exercises. I have never felt so much calm and so much energy at the same time.


It was an amazing experience aunty. I really used to feel meditation and things like that are time waste. I am now looking at self-care with new point of of view. I am already using the techniques daily and it feels good. 


I attended because my mother asked me to. I really was thinking it will be useless. But I am very happy to get a new idea on tension management. I found the movement exercises very nice and I am using the other suggestion too from the video. I thank Dr. Sudha for the very helpful workshop.


It was such a rejuvenating experience for me. I have never felt about myself that way. Often we are so busy in our daily routine that we forget to take out time for ourselves for our well-being. I had a notion that taking out time for myself is not possible because of time constraint. The whole day I sit in front of my table so as to get the optimum level of productivity of work. But today I realised how essential it is to take out time and be in the moment. To be honest earlier I was a little skeptical about joining it as it would consume my 1hrs and 30 minutes but actually the session has provided me a new insight of life.


My son took the session. I personally do mindfulness meditation, but I have not been able to convince him about mental health enhancing activities. He agreed to attend the session because his friend also agreed. But both of them liked it very much Ma'am. Especially the understanding you showed for teenagers, which sometimes is missing even with their school teachers. I think all children should attend such sessions once in a while. It was very helpful. Thank you ma'am. 

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