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Recommended Books

Expression for Healing

"Healing with Art and Soul: Engaging One’s Self through Art Modalities"
(Multiple Authors) Edited by Kathy Luethje


"Expressive Writing: Words that Heal"
By James W. Pennebaker, John Frank Evans

"The Use of the Creative Therapies in Treating Depression"
Editors: Charles E. Myers, Stephanie L. Brooke

"Art in Action: Expressive Arts Therapy and Social Change"
Editors: Ellen G. Levine, Stephen K. Levine

"Trauma and Expressive Arts Therapy: Brain, Body, and Imagination in the Healing Process"
By Cathy A. Malchiodi

"Clinical Expressive Arts Therapy in Theory and Practice: Psychodynamic Snapshots"
By Avi Goren-Bar

"Mindfulness and the Arts Therapies: Theory and Practice"
By Ellen Mullin, Janet Surrey, Sidney Trantham, Fiona Chang

"Communication Research on Expressive Arts and Narrative as Forms of Healing: More Than Words"
Editors: Kamran Afary, Alice Marianne Fritz

"Expressive Arts for Social Work and Social Change"
By Tuula Heinonen, Deana Halonen, Elizabeth Krahn

"The Wiley Handbook of Art Therapy"
Editors: David Gussak, Marcia L. Rosal

"Integrating Expressive Arts and Play Therapy with Children and Adolescents"
Editors: Athena A. Drewes, Eric Green

"An Expressive Arts Approach to Healing Loss and Grief: Working Across the Spectrum of Loss with Individuals and Communities"
By Irene Renzenbrink

"Expressive Therapies Continuum: A Framework for Using Art in Therapy"
By Lisa D. Hinz

"Expressive Writing: Words that Heal"
By James W. Pennebaker, John Frank Evans

"EMDR with Children in the Play Therapy Room: An Integrated Approach"
Editors: Ann Beckley-Forest, Annie Monaco

"The Creative Arts in Counseling"
By Samuel T. Gladding

"Grief and the Expressive Arts: Practices for Creating Meaning"
Editors: Robert A. Neimeyer, Barbara E. Thompson

"Art Therapy and Substance Abuse: Enabling Recovery from Alcohol and Other Drug Addiction"
By Libby Schmanke

"Essential Art Therapy Exercises: Effective Techniques to Manage Anxiety, Depression, and PTSD"
By Leah Guzman


Effects of Stress and Trauma on Health

"The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma"
By Bessel van der Kolk

"When the Body Says No: The Cost of Hidden Stress"
By Dr Gabor Maté

"PsychoNeuroEndocrineImmunology and the Science of Integrated Care. The Manual"
By Anna Giulia Bottaccioli, Francesco Bottaccioli

Useful Self Help Books

"Man's Search For Meaning: The classic tribute to hope from the Holocaust"
by Viktor E Frankl

"Dying to be Me: My Journey from Cancer, to Near Death, to True Healing"
by Anita Moorjani

"Naikan: Gratitude, Grace, and the Japanese Art of Self-Reflection"
by Gregg Krech

"Mindfulness in Plain English"
by Bhante Henepola Gunaratana

"The Miracle Of Mindfulness: The Classic Guide to Meditation"
by Thich Nhat Hanh

Yoga, Tai-chi, Qi-Gong, etc.

"Advanced Yoga Practices - Easy Lessons for Ecstatic Living"
by Yogani

"The Way of Qigong: The Art and Science of Chinese Energy Healing"
by Kenneth S. Cohen

"Simplified Tai Chi Chuan: 24 Postures with Applications & Standard 48 Postures"
by Shou-Yu Liang and Wen-Ching Wu

"Essential Yoga: An Illustrated Guide to over 100 Yoga Poses and Meditation"
by Olivia H. Miller and Nicole Kaufman

Books to Build Your Resilience

"Building Your Resilience: Finding Meaning in Adversity"
By Molly Birkholm

"Everyday Resilience: A Practical Guide to Build Inner Strength and Weather Life's Challenges"
by Gail Gazelle

"Learned Optimism: How to Change Your Mind and Your Life"
by Martin E.P. Seligman

"The Resilience Factor: 7 Keys to Finding Your Inner Strength and Overcoming Life's Hurdles"
by Karen Reivich and Andrew Shatte Ph.D.

"Resilience: A book to encourage resilience, persistence and to help children bounce back from challenges and adversity"
by Jayneen Sanders and Sofia Cardoso

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