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Healing Movements

Movement Activity - Introduction to Expressive Arts

Movement as a mindfulness activity allows us to focus on the present moment, be it with or without music. Apart from macro-movements, even micromovements are expressions of our deeper self and provide a view into our inner conflicts, dreams and emotions. When used as an expressive arts modality, movement also allows us to get in touch with our deeper feelings, emotions, and can be a tool for empowerment and healing.


"Healing Movements Workshop" is based on how micromovements and stillness can be used to create a quiet, mindful mental state, where we can reflect on our inner conflicts and identify them. This is a guided movement and visual imagery based session that is concluded with an expressive writing activity. When taken up as a regular activity - even if once a week, this acts as a powerful tool of healing, happiness and empowerment.

Expressive Arts Therapy | ReclaiMind | Bengaluru

This is a part of the Reclaimind Mental Well-Being Workshops.

​Language: English

Venue/Medium: Online, over zoom

For free events, no payment is required
Date: Announced on Facebook

Contact me to sign up for the next event. You will be informed when the next event is scheduled.

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