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Safe Space Narratives
for Women

Expressive Arts Therapy | ReclaiMind | Bengaluru

Welcome to Reclaimind Safe Space Narratives.

A circle of women to share what we hold in our silences.

A place to share, heal and overcome.

Expressive Arts Therapy | ReclaiMind | Bengaluru

There is serious shortage of safe spaces for women, not just to take a walk in, but even to express themselves.

Women take in all sorts of traumas, right from their early childhood, and just go on with their lives, because you cannot tell these stories.

Be it abuse, grief, losses, failures, loneliness, you name it... You are not supposed to speak about it.

Expressive Arts Therapy | ReclaiMind | Bengaluru
Expressive Arts Therapy | ReclaiMind | Bengaluru
Expressive Arts Therapy | ReclaiMind | Bengaluru

You are not supposed to jump with joy and announce that you are pregnant, and you are also not supposed to show you are mourning, if you have a miscarriage.

You are not allowed to protest if you are groped or assaulted by a person you know or a person of power, it is best to bury it and move on.

You are not allowed to say you do not like children or household chores. Your destiny is pre-decided by the society.

Expressive Arts Therapy | ReclaiMind | Bengaluru

The safe space is a circle of women, where we honor each other's stories and celebrate our solidarity. This is a part of the free sessions of Reclaimind Mental Well-Being Workshops.

​Language: English
Duration: 1 Hr 30 min

Venue/Medium: Online, over zoom

Free event, no payment required
By appointment

If you are interested, drop me a line. You will be informed when the next event is held. 

Expressive Arts Therapy | ReclaiMind | Bengaluru



What is Reclaimind Safe Space Narratives for women?

Reclaimind Safe Space Narratives is an online meeting group, which is created for women to come together to communicate regarding their deep, personal experiences that they otherwise find themselves unable to share. Depending on the needs of the attendees, the groups are held with 3-5 participants, and sometimes even as an individual session.


What is the importance of telling our stories?

Storytelling, sharing our hidden emotions and trauma, narrating our silent tales of the heart, all have powers of healing. They help us to process difficult events, memories, trauma, feeling and make the ground fertile for the plants of healing and empowerment to grow. This is related to the healing power of narrative, which is increasingly gaining focus in mainstream medicine and psychology. This is also related to the healing power of women's circle and solidarity that is also now recognized as a possibly strong factor for the longer lifespan of women.


How do we go about it?

Attendees are allowed only after filling in the booking form. Meetings are held over zoom. The meeting is held in a small group, with each participant allowed in by the admin. Each person has to enroll beforehand for security and privacy of the meeting, and the details are confidential. There is no compulsion for anyone to show their face (you wear a mask or sit away), but it is mandatory to keep videos on. You can create your zoom id to show a different name than your real name. Ground rules of decency, kindness, tolerance and confidentiality are to be followed by everyone.


I am not comfortable with group meetings. Can I get private sessions?

For private one-on-one meetings with movement, breathwork, expressive arts therapy, and safe space conversations, please contact me. Read more about private therapy here.

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