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How To Start With Meditation Practice

Do you wish to explore mindfulness meditation and don't know where to start? A few years ago there were few resources available for people to learn meditation at home, but now there is a confusing array of resources that can guide on your path to meditation. There are many online courses and real-time workshops available to learn meditation. In this article, I have explored some basic resources that you can use to learn meditation at your own pace and according to how deep you want to go. There are many approaches to meditation, and here I have discussed mostly about mindfulness meditation.


Know more about meditation techniques

Know more about the different kinds of meditation from these resources:

Check out these programs on Netflix to know more about meditation, mindfulness and the neuroscience behind these things.

Recommended Book:

MEDITATIONS: 50 Meditation Techniques, by Hamilton, CM. This book is free for Kindle Unlimited Subscribers. It offers a short overview to different kinds of meditation. You can get an additional booklet by subscribing to the author using a link given in the book.


Know more about benefits of yoga, breathwork and meditation

These are interlinked approaches that benefit our physical and mental health and even help to cure or manage many physical or mental disorders. If you are looking for research literature on these aspects, you can read these articles and the links therein:

  1. Breathwork in body psychotherapy: Clinical applications. Article by Victoria, H. K., & Caldwell, C. (2013), in Body, Movement and Dance in Psychotherapy, 8(4), 216-228.

  2. Integrating Yoga with Psychotherapy: A Complementary Treatment for Anxiety and Depression Article by Forfylow A.L. (2011), in Canadian Journal of Counselling and Psychotherapy, 45(2),132–150

  3. Breathwork: How It Works, Effectiveness, & Tips for Getting Started by Tanya J. Peterson


Start Meditation Practice

Just jump into starting meditation, just few minutes a day!Here are some resources for you to start a meditation practice by yourself.

Apps for Guided Meditation:

1. Serenity My personal favorite. Teaches mindfulness meditation step by step. You just spend a few minutes everyday. You can choose to purchase just the amount of things you need (upgrade> tap on 'other options')

2. Headspace - A vast amount of content is there, not just related to meditation practice, but also mindfulness lessons, sleeping aid audios, music, etc.

3. Calm - A lot of content is free, for meditation, mindfulness, relaxation etc. Some content is subscription based.


8 Minute Meditation Expanded: Quiet Your Mind. Change Your Life. This is a wonderful book that is very practical and effective if you want to start meditation without spending too much time on it. A very simple but good book.

If you are a Headspace fan, you might want to check out this book.

The Miracle Of Mindfulness This is the "Classic Guide to Meditation by the World's Most Revered Master" - Thich Nhat Hanh, whose name needs no introduction.

Audio Books (on Audible):

Free Guided Audios of Tibetan Buddhist Meditation

Shamatha Retreat at Tushita (Dharmashala) day 1+2 by Glen Svensson : LINK (scroll down to go to the audios by Glen). This will take some time, but it gives you the opportunity of getting the experience of a meditation retreat, at your home. Find all his recordings at https://www.glensvensson.org/


I hope these resources will point you in the right direction if you want to start mindfulness meditation. Remember, it is important to first do it daily, even if for 3 minutes, and then when you have established the habit, you can increase the duration. I would also suggest that you explore multiple resources and practice something or the other daily, to get into the mindfulness mindset. Mindfulness meditation is a zero-expense, secular, time-efficient technique to really enhance your physical and mental health tremendously.


Disclaimer: I don't have any commercial interest in the resources mentioned in this article.


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